About Us

Clearity’s Mission

The Clearity Foundation strives to help ovarian cancer patients and their physicians make better-informed treatment decisions. Our goal is to help women with recurrent ovarian cancer live longer, healthier lives.

Rewriting the Story of Ovarian Cancer

Supporting Patients Today: At no cost to them, Clearity provides patients and families with science-based counseling regarding their unique case.

  • We share the latest information available regarding treatment options.
  • We help women access the most useful and comprehensive tests available to better understand the molecular profile of their cancer.
  • We guide women to clinical trials where appropriate.
  • We provide an online community with informational resources and social support.

Hope for the Future: Clearity also gathers information on outcomes in a privacy protected research database. This rich scientific resource – the largest database of its kind – helps us further analyze the data we collect to better understand ovarian cancer. Through research partnerships, we hope to utilize this data to improve treatment in the future.

About Clearity

The Clearity Foundation was launched as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit in 2008 to help women with ovarian cancer and their physicians make better-informed treatment decisions, based on molecular profiling of tumors. By empowering women and their families with relevant, credible information throughout their ovarian cancer treatment journey, we have become a trusted partner to the ovarian cancer community.